Apromore Community on Docker and Win10


first I d like to say thank you to the team for having such a great tool - free.

Im trying to setup Apromore Community for a scientific project. Good news is that I somehow installed Docker on Windows 10 and can access Apromore via localhost. As a non IT this is really hard to do. Bad news is that a lot of options in “Disocer Model” dont seem to work. For example I can not open the Filter menu, animation is not starting etc.

Basicly it does show the “Processing…” Icon for a long while, then freezes or shows “Failed to open Filter”. Concerning the animations, it does show the control buttons, but is not reacting to clicks. This is even with only 3 lines of Event log. Other options seem to work, for example I can rearange the model and change level of detail.

Any ideas?! Thank you!


Based on the information you give, I believe you have installed ApromoreCore.

ApromoreCore does not have filters not log animation. It only has the workspace, the process model discovery, and the model editing functionality.

You also have the option of downloading ApromoreCE instead. ApromoreCE has basic filtering functionality.
The differences between ApromoreCore and ApromoreCE are explained in this post:

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Hi @marlon.dumas,
I’m facing the same issues. Does this mean that in the Apromore Core 7.21 edition you cannot filter the logs anymore? As I see that it is written

  • A discontinued version of log filtering (redeveloped for Apromore Enterprise)

So this Enterprise edition is not available through the docker then I guess? Why did you keep then the filters and animation buttons? It is quite misleading…

But I’ll switch back to version 7.15 then.

Thanks for your help,
Kind regards,

Hi @tdekelver

Apromore Core does not have filters. Apromore Core has the following modules:

  • Importer (importing models and logs)
  • Portal (storing and sharing models and logs)
  • Process Discoverer: for discovery of process maps and BPMN process models
  • Model Editor: creating and editing process models
  • Support for English and Japanese (new languages planned for 2022)

Apromore Community Edition shares the same features as Apromore Core and also has some discontinued features that some Apromore open-source users might wish to retain:

  • A discontinued version of the log animator (now redeveloped for Apromore Enterprise)
  • A discontinued version of log filtering (redeveloped for Apromore Enterprise)
  • Stage discovery.

There are different types of users. Some do filtering outside Apromore, some/many prefer to do it inside the tool.

Thanks for the feedback about the two misleading buttons in the Process Discoverer in Apromore Core (the filter button and the log animation button). We will take that into account in subsequent releases.