Apromore - database version mysql

hi! i am try install to apromore comunity version, but my security area require mysql 8 or high but the github version have mysql 5, is posible setup with mysql 8? or how can control the security problem for this old version mysql? thnks


Apromore Community Edition was deprecated in 2020. We no longer maintain it. The JDBC drivers included in the latest version of community edition are for MySQL 5 so it is unlikely to work with MySQL 8.
Nowadays, we maintain Apromore Core. ApromoreCore versions 8.x use MySQL 8
The latest stable branch of ApromoreCore is v8.4:

Building ApromoreCore from source code is tricky. From times to times, we release docker images of ApromoreCore. The latest Docker Image is Release 8.1. The Docker compose and installation instructions are here:

ApromoreCore is feature-restricted. It has Portal, Process Discoverer, and Editor, but it does not have Filters, as explained in this previous post: Apromore Community on Docker and Win10 - #4 by marlon.dumas