Apromore Docker migrates from Community Edition to Apromore Core

The Apromore team is glad to announce a brand new version of Apromore’s open-source edition: Apromore Core 7.21.

Apromore Core 7.21 provides the main functionality of our flagship product Apromore Enterprise Edition, including the process discovery engine, performance overlay, perspective switching, process model editing, and folder and file sharing.

Apromore Core v7.21 marks a shift in Apromore’s open-source release cycles. Rather than releasing one open-source edition per year, we will now release new versions of Apromore Core every quarter, ensuring that our open-source users get access to the latest functional, performance and security updates.

This step is a shift from Apromore Community Edition v7.15 (released in August 2020), which contained some unmaintained code. Apromore Core’s code will be maintained by the Apromore team.

We are also changing our release cycle for Docker images. Starting from September 2021, the new releases of Apromore Docker use Apromore Core, our new re-developed code base.

If you wish to use the new maintained open-source version of Apromore (Apromore Core) you can get it from here:
Source code: GitHub - apromore/ApromoreCore at release/v7.21
Docker image: Release Apromore Docker v7.21 · apromore/ApromoreDocker · GitHub

Apromore Core has the following modules:

  • Importer (importing models and logs)
  • Portal (storing and sharing models and logs)
  • Process Discoverer: for discovery of process maps and BPMN process models
  • Model Editor: creating and editing process models
  • Support for English and Japanese (new languages planned for 2022)

For those who are nostalgic of Apromore Communty Edition v7.15, you can still get it here (unmaintained):

Apromore Community Edition shares the same features as Apromore Core and also has some discontinued features that some Apromore open-source users might wish to retain:

  • A discontinued version of the log animator (now redeveloped for Apromore Enterprise)
  • A discontinued version of log filtering (redeveloped for Apromore Enterprise)
  • Stage discovery.
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