ApromoreCE Docker cannot login

I am trying to run ApromoreCE from Docker. (Release Apromore Docker 7.15 · apromore/ApromoreDocker · GitHub)

My local machine is a Mac on BigSur OS, docker version, 10 GB RAM reserved.

I am able to get to the login screen of Apromore and the readme says to use testuser/testuser. These credentials do not work. The readme says that I will see <DE0005I> Started plan 'org.apromore.root-nix' version '1.1.0' in the docker logs, however, I do not see this. Though the logs look like Apromore has started.

The last two lines are:

<DE0005I> Started plan 'org.apromore.community' version '1.1.0'.
<DE0005I> Started plan 'org.apromore.core' version '1.1.0'.

Btw, in the readme, there is a slight mistake. It says to file issues https://github.com/apromore/ApromoreDocker/issues, but this is not publically accessible.


Thanks for pointing this out. The README file was not up-to-date (the initial credentials of the admin user were missing).
We have updated it with the correct instructions: ApromoreDocker/README.md at master · apromore/ApromoreDocker · GitHub

Those new credentials work. Thank you for fixing!