apromoreCore v8.2 version has no log filter function

I ran the apromoreCore release/v8.2 branch and found that there is no log filter function. Is this part considered open source? I see the documentation above this function is very good

Hi Parker,
Welcome to the forum. Your finding is correct. Apromore Core does not include the “Filter” function. There have been several requests to include Filter function in Apromore Core. I escalated this request to Apromore’s product management team to check if we can consider putting Filter in Core. There is one issue at stake - the Filter function uses a commercial library called HighCharts, which we cannot freely include in open-source version of Apromore. The team is considering options to bring the Filters to Core in some way. It might happen in the medium term, but we don’t have a date yet.

So at the moment, the Filter function is only available in Apromore Enterprise Edition (EE). Apromore EE contains Apromore Core plus filters, dashboard, simulation, conformance checking, model comparison (and some other modules). It is available in a commercial license (SaaS or onprem).

For completeness, I list below the modules that are included in Apromore Core:

  • Data importer (importing models and logs)
  • Portal (storing and sharing models and logs, including user and group management)
  • Process Discoverer: for discovery of process maps and BPMN process models
  • Business Calendars: ability to define business calendars for computing durations (e.g. Monday-Fridat 9-5pm excluding public holidays).
  • Model Editor: creating and editing process models
  • Support for English and Japanese (new languages planned for 2022)

If you want to use filters, and don’t want to consider Enterrprise Edition (yet), there is an old open-source version of apromore that did contain some minimal filters: Apromore Communty Edition v7.15. You can still get it here (unmaintained):

Apromore Community Edition shares the same features as Apromore Core and also has some discontinued features that some Apromore open-source users might wish to retain:

  • A discontinued version of the log animator (now redeveloped for Apromore Enterprise)
  • A discontinued version of log filtering (redeveloped for Apromore Enterprise)
  • Stage discovery.