Filter does not reload process map

Hi all,
I have a problem with the filters in Apromore Community Edition (Docker).
The events in the log have an attribute “group”.
I would like to filter based on this attribute and have only certain nodes displayed in the process graph.

The log statistics also show that the events are filtered. However, the process map does not update. “Rangreduzieren” should not be included in the process map based on the filter.

Any ideas?

Can you pls try to save the log (using the save log button in the ribbon) and then to open the saved log and check if these events are there?

Hi Marlon,
thank you for your reply.
Yes, even in the filtered log file the events are still included.

Thank you for reporting this.
You are correct. The filters of type “Event” do not work in Apromore Community Edition 7.15.
The filters of type “Trace” work, but not the filters of type “Event”.
As usual, external pulll requests to fix this issue are very welcome. Meantime we will put them in our backlog.
In the open-source edition, the priority of Apromore’s development team is to maintain three modules: (1) the Portal (file and folder management); (2) the Process Discoverer (discovery of process models and maps); and (3) The model editor (creating and editing BPMN models). The “filtering” module of Apromore Community Edition has lower priority, since it is not part of the commercial edition of Apromore - the commercial edition of Apromore has a different “advanced filtering module”.
Nonetheless, we will put this Community Edition issue in our backlog (and we always welcome outside contributions via pull requests).