Filter does not work error


Whenever I try to add a filter in my process discoverer I get the following error message:

I’m using the docker comunity edition with the following versions:

  • apromore/community:7.15
  • mysql:5.7

This is my docker-compose version:
Docker version 19.03.15+azure, build 48d30b5b32e99c932b4ea3edca74353feddd83ff

And I’m using a linux virtual machine in Azure.

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I found my problem, it was due to an empty activity for the log with id=3d4b99e6-…
Now that I removed this one it is working fine.
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Great you found the issue! Indeed this cryptic message sometimes happens in Apromore CE when you apply a filter in a different perspective than the activity perspective (e.g. when you switch to the resource perspective and then open the filter plugin from there), or when there is a log consists of only one trace and this single trace contains one activity. Or something similar like an activity with an empty label.