How Process Mining and Business Process Management Interact Together?

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Can anybody tell me how Process Mining and Business Process Management Interact Together?

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Process mining is a tool that can add value to across the BPM / DMAIC cycles.

First, process mining can accelerate process discovery. Traditionally, process discovery requires a huge investment of time and effort into process modeling. Process discovery and modeling are not only costly but, in most cases, time-consuming and inaccurate due to disagreeing views and interpretations from the many roles and players across the end-to-end business process.

The automated extraction of process maps from information systems logs reduces the time and effort on the process discovery of the as-is process. In addition, it provides a full picture of the variations of the business process. In other words, the application of process mining results in a more precise and facts-based representation of the as-is business process model. Most process mining tools also support the auto-generation of BPMN process models from the process maps, thus reducing the efforts and time significantly during process modeling.

Second, in the analysis phase of the BPM lifecycle, process mining allows analysts to detect and analyze bottlenecks, overprocessing, waiting waste, deviations with respect to compliance rules, etc. It also allows us to analyze the root-causes of these frictions and their impact on process performance indicators.

Third, in the process implementation phase of BPM, process mining in conjunction with task mining can be used to identify and to exploit opportunities for automation.

In addition, process mining can be applied as a post-implementation tool to assess the benefit realization of the process change and to identify potential process shift post implementation, which is very common as business users tend to slip back into the old way of doing things over time.

To summarize, process mining helps across the entire lifecycle. For more details on how to use process mining to enhance BPM, you can check our white papers:


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