How to do Conformance checking in Apromore Community version

I have found that this feature is available in Community version:

But I can`t find any information on how to do it.
I will be grateful for help


I guess that by the “conformance checking feature” you refer to automated model-to-log comparison.

This feature used to be available in CE until version 7.12. It was removed because we found that it is not used in practice. We found that actual process mining users prefer to do model-to-log comparison by discovering a model from the log and comparing it side-by-side with their reference process model. This approach is more flexible and it allows them to handle real-world use cases more effectively. Nowadays, we provide model-to-log conformance checking commercially on-demand but we no longer maintain the community plugin.

If you’re ready to install Apromore CE 7.12 yourself, pls drop me an email and I can share the binary files with you. My email is firstname dot lasname at apromore dot com.

Once you install it, the feature can be used by selecting a model and a log at the same time, and going to the Analysis --> Compare menu item.

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