Is it possible to change miner algorithms

I wanted to experiment on how different miner algorithms will change the results of a conformance checking method. Therefore I was wondering if I could choose to use different miner algorithms on this software, e.g. fuzzy miner and split miner.

Thank you.

Apromore can discover two types of process representations using two algorithms:

These are the two algorithms used in Apromore. We do not have a business use-case for changing the algorithms. The above algorithms generally outperform the alternatives on reported benchmarks.

Thank you so much for replying!

I am sorry to bother you again with a following question on the export functions:

My working pipeline requires a Petri Net file, pnml to be exact. However, I only see export to PDF, PNG or JSON file options. I was wondering if I could convert JSON file into pnml?

Thanks a lot!

Apromore does not support Petri nets.
Process models can be saved and exported in BPMN format. After discovering a process model in BPMN, you first need to save it. Then you can export it in BPMN from the portal using the download function.