Monitoring- Train predictive modeles


I’am using the trial version of Apromore, I can define the process discovery of the my process and I use also the dashboard for the checking the performance.

I want to use also the predictive model but in my Apromore portal I have not the section Monitor . Why?

I understand you are referring here to the trial of Apromore Enterprise Edition.
In Apromore EE, the predictive monitoring plugin is an add-on. It is offered on top of Apromore EE - to get a quote, you should contact:

Now, the source code of the predictive monitoring plugin is also part of Apromore Community Edition, but setting it up requires some devops effort. The tricky part of using predictive monitoring is that the machine learning models need to be tuned for maximal accuracy, otherwise the accuracy might not meet the requirements in enterprise-grade settings.

If you do have devops manpower to set up Apromore Community Edition with predictive monitoring, you will have to start from the source code:

The latest stable branch there is v7.12. So after dong a “git clone” you need to do a “git checkout” to get into the branch corresponding to release 7.12. Then follow the remaining instructions including those for predictive monitoring. Setting up the dashboard implies additional effort because one has to set up the Kafka streams as well. The procedure is technically complex. Some companies have managed to set it up on their own, but it requires system integration expertise, as well as data science expertise if you want to get the best possible prediction accuracy.