Problem in registration

Thanks a lot for interesting Apromore tool.
I’ve worked with this tool previously (about 4-5 years ago). However, It seems that it is not possible to create a new account and register in cloud version on Node 0 (version 7.5.0).
I created a new google email and tried a user name (without any special character such as _, @, # or so on). However the result is a following error: “Username or e-mail address already in use. Please try a different username or Username or e-mail address.”
Is there any idea?

You are very correct, we managed to reproduce the bug you report. We will try to get it fixed in the coming 48 hours.

Dear Asef, the problem has now been fixed. Please try now and let us know how it goes.

Dear Marcello, the problem is solved.
Thanks a lot.

Much appreciated,