Problems with parallel activities


I have encountered problems with the result of the presented LOG, that represents an unique CASE ID. In particular, it seems that Apromore is not able to recognize that the activities labelled as “20-” are parallel event. How is it possible to set the log in case of parallel event?
Moreover, I would like to ask why these activities are considered instant activites?
Thank you all!

The log is the following

First of all, I recommend that you try to push the Arcs slider a bit more to the right to see what other dependencies there are in this process map, which are not shown when the Arcs slider is at 10%. You might discover that there are forward and backward loops in there that you do not see. In a process map, parallel relations show up as pairs of tasks that have arcs in both directions: from A to B and from B back to A. I believe that moving the Arcs slider to 50% or 60% would give you a more accurate picture.
Second, you might wish to click on the BPMN button in the top-left corner to see this log as a BPMN model. And once you are in the BPMN view, you might wish to push the Parallelism slider to 80% or so to make Apromore more sensitive to parallel relations.
Please note that Apromore’s BPMN discover technique is not designed to discover parallelism in small logs with just one or a handful of events. It has been designed and extensively tested to detect parallelism in real-life complex event logs with several hundreds or thousands of traces. To discover parallelism, Apromore relies on the following assumption: If two tasks A and B are in parallel, then in some of the cases A would finish before B and in other cases B will finish before A. In large datasets, this assumption generally holds with a high level of confidence, but in logs of 1 or 2 traces, this pattern cannot be found. So it might be that the BPMN discovery feature in Apromore will not find parallelism in an event log that contains only one trace.