Server goes down when click on “Discover BPMN model(Advanced)”

If you click on “Discover BPMN model(Advanced)” and select a “.xes” file and do steps with default settings, an error will be displayed as following:

Furthermore, the more important point is that it seems that the server gone down when waiting for response (in cloud version on Node 0). I mean, when you click on the modal of “Discover BPMN model(Advanced)”, no one (from any other computer) can send any request until the server respond to “Discover BPMN model(Advanced)” request.

Much appreciated,

Hi @asef.pms,

Thank you for your request. I have tried to reproduce the error but I did not encounter this bug. If possible, please attach the file you used so we can check if the problem is associated with this specific file.

You can find the files I used to test here:

Thank you @ibrahimahdy. I test with your data set and still there is an error. Please on “Discover” menu, click on “Discover BPMN model (Advanced)” and select “thesis_example.xes” from your attached data set. Then on second modal, select “New_Attribute” as candidate entry, and click “Ok”. In this case, an error occurs.

Much appreciated

Hi @asef.pms,

Please try the following - which is the proper way -:
First upload the log, from the top menu: File -> Import -> Browse -> choose the file from your local system - Press OK.
Once the file is uploaded, select the file by clicking on it, then go to Discover form the top menu -> Discover BPMN model (Advanced) -> add model name and keep all default settings

Please let me know if you have any further inquiries.


Thanks @ibrahimahdy,
I knew that it works using File -> Import -> Browse ->…
However, I was going to show the way that it does not work. Because, by click on “Discover BPMN model (Advanced)”, you can upload your log file directly too and continue next steps.

Hi @asef.pms,

Thank you for pointing the issue, we acknowledged the bug, and it will be fixed in the coming releases.

Kind regards