testSanitizeBPMN failed during build

Just cloned the development branch of ApromoreCore (id be6fc42) to a windows 10, and the build failed with the following message: “Task :Apromore-Core-Components:Apromore-Manager:test FAILED”.

The test report showed that testSanitizeBPMN failed and the details read like this:

org.opentest4j.AssertionFailedError: Innocuous files should be unchanged ==> expected: [A] but was: [B]

at org.junit.jupiter.api.AssertionUtils.fail(AssertionUtils.java:55)
at org.junit.jupiter.api.AssertionUtils.failNotEqual(AssertionUtils.java:62)|

where [A] and [B] are long xml texts which are identical as verified using a text comparison tool.

The build was from a eclipse Terminal which probably is not a factor. However, if some one has an eclipse project definition to share I would appreciate it very much.

The dev branch of Apromore is usually unstable.
We clean up things in the releases. I suggest to check out one of the recent releases, e.g. apromore 8.5:

Or to play on the safe side, even one of the older versions like 8.1

BTW, if all you want to do is to deploy, we suggest to use the Docker image. We have a docker compose for easy deployment of Apromore 8.1 via docker here:

Hi Marlon,

Thanks for the information. I tried every release from v7.21 to v8.5 and all had problems building, mostly with the same test failures. Eventually I settled on the development branch and the build succeeded with the following work around:

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  1. for unit test with a hadoop issue, see WindowsProblems - HADOOP2 - Apache Software Foundation which is referenced in the unit test report. I took option 2 on what to install (option 1 was too much at the time) then option 1 on how to configure the environment.
  2. for white space issues in the strings compared during unit tests. I modified one failing unit test by adding .replaceAll("\\s+","") to the strings compared and commented out other failing unit tests. I have not identified a configuration change to make this work around unnecessary.

These workarounds were on unit tests. Hopefully the core functions are not affected.

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The minimum change seems to be replaceAll("\r","") on the string to be compared with the expected, e.g., line 436 of test9_detect_name in ParquetImporterParquetImplUnitTest.java would read like the following:

assertEquals(expectedCsv, parquetToCSV.replaceAll("\r",""));


here is the base64 encoding of the patch file ApromoreCore.zip of the modification (I cannot attach files at this moment):
UEsDBBQAAAAIAAyUclXsv6JgCwQAAE8wAAASAAAAQXByb21vcmVDb3JlLnBhdGNo7Zrdj5NAEMDf +1eQPhVbvgqUEl/urBhN1NS2mkvUGArbigG27i7naeL/7izL+dlWuH5Gtw+dLjC7w687w8yycbJY KJq2TJgSGpcrgjNMkDYSX9kK5yhn9MeJZ2EeLhExKIkMhigzPoTXoYHJ0girSwyKyHUSISPJVqkx JjhClE7FsSdw6GWesBlo6lxTmR9/zBZOYyXDMVIs0/Rct5WjT9/bA8dpJXmMbpTYGw6H86GuL1w/ MvtxS9O0UyBqdbvdk2C6uFA0y3bMnqd0K3lx0VLWfUbvQzJlBIUZ1RmGX0m+7HCsT/JVwcSZCQpj RDpLxCaI4oJE6JKKM532g/Gz5+/4X5BSo610FfraequqKgy25aPDMFlH7e1sUkvbNsyfmHQaAqjk C+Jm170hk98QGNs92lg6Qas0hCvTtNN+Q9q9dnsDLFDpv1Xv/zj3tVWJDdGhoAxn2jgtlklOjad4 qYGtmDBENGgkUZ05mMKFldLtMWqMQ/KxQOy2t9H01ZqQcSaGVHHC8gZuNAh1fR451nweVlGEh4uz YcZjyPlwKwOLOeRxBcRvYSWk0BcLPhZhSjtmT4FRnvG5rcPcB9MCQjCZIN57R9UpOEZHVe9vUF/A F/qpi4RO8KenSZaw4CZCKEbxFmUY73EZHx7BfVe31aHRe5SFak8ZX05evAxm74KrcTCaBQ/fPQ4u HwYT6E1b2xu6WaGIoXhEr3vKSvQ2w4AHNLrNNNb5NfRy67jih3HvnuDsupwziG2cLcl5R8590+ac QUjOB+XsWpwzCMl535wFYN/ngEFIwPsG/PNEtp0B5wxCPgD3zVkA9ssMA8Q2wH0J+K6AHb8sDUHI GbwnwBXiCrBrlzPYtWWOvH/AJ65sq+Z5VLdVc1OFG8V27HpQ4SIviiLbOnWFWzXPp8qtmhsqXadM qEBIL967F5eAxYMehMxY9wR4feklMlYQkvNBOfu2qMDkUsJBOdvDcmkMhAzMh+Ts2OV8BiE5H4rz sbPZq6fTqxn+LQ06QSL7dzuqHBaiKXIGlq73F/PIc9yj57A1LD1a+lrDFvHuQCRWrqw/D+a44t1B +SAC0WClCijRES5yxvHUU2n61/wjdN0+pwtiG127Od0dM7B/hG6t1wWS7t3o1ntJcIfIIOmWbwg8 ThdEg0KrDl0Zd3naPyznLoitdO8QGnbMOP4NvK6oqtztVdVA0m1M99i1VIqWYfT5dk0Z+jr97rdG JlUV1iLyPd9xdN0amk7f9Y9eYTUz+mjFVjOzypzKdrhrg2jwXKrtp88xe16AD9yA9kYvLliSwrZT RMFrMnyNZkmGvsCG4+/udRVM1d6vG2c36vw4wcecVZtxhQHcwO7uvdR27pKvJxZYvYMsSP3ffL8B UEsBAj8AFAAAAAgADJRyVey/omALBAAATzAAABIAJAAAAAAAAAAgCAAAAAAAAEFwcm9tb3JlQ29y ZS5wYXRjaAoAIAAAAAAAAQAYAJ5k1QKm+9gBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFBLBQYAAAAAAQABAGQA AAA7BAAAAAA=


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