There was an error running the ApromoreCore

when I executed mvn clean install, there was an error occured below:

Thanks for trying out ApromoreCore.
When installing ApromoreCore, you will need to pick one of the stable tags. Trying to build the “head” of the development branch is likely to lead to issues like the above one.
I recommend to check-out tag v7.19.1: GitHub - apromore/ApromoreCore at v7.19.1
In other words: after running the git clone command, you need to run a git checkout tags/v7.19.1
And then you can follow the remaining steps to build and run.
We will soon create a v7.20.1 tag which should be build-able without manual dependency resolution. I expect the v7.20.1 tag to be made in about 2 weeks time, will post about it here.
Do let me know if running from tag v7.19.1 generates an error for you.