UI and UX of Apromore

First, I would like to say that I was surprised by the many explicit and implicit features in Apromore. I liken it to a hidden pearl in a shell! There are lots of useful features such as simulation, animation, discovering BPMN, performance analysis features, repository management, and so on. However, I think the high number of features and the way they are displayed in UI may be a weakness of Apromore (this will get worse if the community adds new features in the future). I think it might be a little confusing for new users who want to get more insight into their business processes. It can be quite hard for some users to know where to start and what steps to take.
I think it can be good topic for discussion in Apromore community that how we can improve the user interface?
There are also some minor suggestions as following:

  1. Categorizing options and actions. For example, If you click on “Discover process map/BPMN model” option in the main page, then you can see these action types:

    • Filtering option: to filter search space,
    • Statistical information option: such as “Activities” , “Cases”, “Fitness”
    • Export,
    • Visualization: such as “Animate”,
    • Configuration option: such as “Selector”, “Layout” and “Fit to screen” (it is not clear the differences between these actions and items in “Options” section such as “slider” and so on).

    However, all of these various type options are aligned in one line using similar buttons. It seems that it would be much more understandable and user-friendly to categorize these options in meaningful classes.

  2. In some cases, there are problems in user-software interaction (Fig. 1). For example, if you click on “Measure” option in “Analyze” menu nothing happen. More importantly, no message is displayed to the user. Also, in some cases, useless messages are displayed to the user. For example, in the main page, if you click on “Show Clusters” in “Analyze/Detect Clones” menu, the following message will be showed (Fig. 2):

Hi Asef
Thanks for your very valuable feedback.
Regarding the large amount of functionality and cluttered menus, we agree. This is the result of many contributions to the open-source community edition of Apromore. In the commercial edition of Apromore (the Enterprise Edition) the menus are less cluttered because the enterprise edition only contains the supported plugins. Experimental plugins like clone detection, for example, are not present in the enterprise edition, which makes it that the enterprise edition is not cluttered. We will consider doing some effort to make the community edition a bit less cluttered as well (while not removing valuable community-contributed plugins).
Re: the UI design of the process discoverer plugin, we take note of your suggestion.
Re: the bug in the “Measure” plugin, it would help us if you can point us to the file that caused this problem. The “measure” plugin is not a supported plugin (the supported plugin for performance measurement is the “Dashboard” plugin). But we can look into this issue if you point us to the file that is causing problems to the Measure plugin.
Re: the bug in the clone detection, we have reproduced it and indeed it’s an issue. Clone detection is not a supported plugin, and the developer of this plugin is no longer contributing to the project (she moved on to other projects). So we will consider the option of disabling the clone detection plugin altogether from the community edition (it is already not present in the commercial edition since it’s unsupported).