What are the criteria and conditions to apply process mining for businesses?

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Currently, I am learning Process Mining and Apromore, I wonder that

  • How can we know our business is ready to apply Process Mining? Do we rely on any sign?
  • What criteria and conditions do businesses need to meet to apply process mining?

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Researchers at Queensland University of Technology conducted a study on these questions in collaboration with a pension fund in The Netherlands. Their findings are reported in this paper:

Two of the main conclusions are:

  • Developing the capability of extracting good-quality data is a pre-requisite for process mining
  • Willingness to adopt new process management practices and a data-driven mentality is another pre-requisite for process mining adoption.

Another delphi study with 40 process mining experts reached similar conclusions. The conclusions of this Delphi study are summarized in this post:

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@marlon.dumas Thank you for a perfect support.

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Below are some further ideas from the Apromore team regarding criteria to assess the readiness of an organization to start working on process mining:

  • Organizational feasibility:
    • Is there a champion for process mining? (someone who is going to lead this within the client)
    • Can the team identify a process to start with? (a process to pilot process mining)
    • If so, is this a core process, i.e. a process that contributes to the strategic objectives of the organization? (if not, the project results are likely to have little impact)
    • Can the them identify a set of business questions related to problems in this process? (e.g. performance, CX and/or compliance issues such as poor customer experience, violations of SLAs etc)
    • Is there sufficient buy-in from relevant process stakeholders? Do they have an open mindset to accept the findings from process mining (e.g. debunking myths about process performance) and follow up with an improvement plan?
  • Data feasibility:
    • Is transactional data available to cover the identified business process and answer the identified questions?
    • One or multiple data sources? (ideally only one data source for the pilot, to keep data preparation simple)
    • If not, what’s the effort required to extract and put multiple data sources together?
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