What is Apromore's hardware mimimum & recommended requirement

Hi everyone,
I’ve just join Apromore and wonder what is Apromore’s minimum & recommended hardware requirement,
does an ec2 with 2 vCPUs and 8GiB RAM is enough for it?

Apromore Community Edition is not resource-optimized. So it requires quite a bit of resources.
Let me define the number of cells of a log as being equal to the number of rows (activity instances) in the log multiplied by the number of columns in the log.
The memory requirements are relatively high:

  • For handling logs of up to 5 million cells: 16 GB RAM
  • For handling logs of up 10 million cells: 32GB of RAM
  • For handling logs of up to 20 million rows: 64GB of RAM
  • For handling logs of up to 40 million cells: 128GB of RAM

For the number of vCPUs, you can use this formula for the min requirements: 2 vCPUs + the expected number of concurrent users. So if 2 concurrent users are expected, then make it 4 vCPUs. If there is one single user, 2 vCPUs would be enough.